The Rescue Themed Adventure Race

The work


The problem

The Rescue Run came to us looking to build a brand. A riff on the mud-run adventure race, they were entering a marketplace packed with established names, some trading for over a decade.

Fortunately, they had a major point of difference, theirs was a race to save lives. Mud-running was their vehicle to raise money for New Zealand's emergency services, and they were exploring exciting challenges that went above physical exertion. They wanted to teach people how to save lives by putting them in mock situations and we were more than happy to help.

The solution

Beginning with a chat, we worked with the Rescue Run team to build a brand that they're seeing stand toe to toe with the encumbents. We helped them develop their social and online presence, engage with users via a series of print media, sell their idea through to their perspective sponsors and decked out their event day with flags, signage and uniforms to rival any international brand.

They were stoked, so were we and we're proud to say we're continuing to help them do their great work.