The Beautiful, Natural Lipstick Turning Heads

The work


The problem

Karen Murrell didn't have a problem, they had a dream. They'd already developed an incredible, long lasting lipstick made from 100% natural ingredients. Think avocado oil and candelilla wax. Now they wanted to push the look for their staple of 20 colours into something fresh, while maintaing a link to their previous brand. It was imperative that the brand remain recognisable in their preferred markets; namely China and Australia.

We were more than happy to oblige.

The solution

It didn't take long to get excited about the work we were going to do. They already had an amazing product and they were open to the suggestions to really make their packaging and brand explode. Partnering with the amazing Max Thompson, who created a library of illustrated models and assets, we started creating a catalogue of packaging to set the Karen Murrell brand apart from the others on the shelf.

From there we helped build the look over the web, through advertising and numerous promotional pieces to keep Karen Murrell front of mind for beautiful women the world over.