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Our gracious clients, a few incredible agencies we've aided with their creative and a touch of our concept material.

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A little about us

Who we are

Currently 'we' are actually Marc Dudley and my brand alter-ego, Baron Samedi. A designer, advertiser and brand developer, I've spent over a decade contracting in some of New Zealand's most innovative and exciting design and ad agencies while managing my own clients from your small start ups to national events.

The work I do always excites me, otherwise I wouldn't feel honest about it. Each piece wants to be better than the next and everyone I rub shoulders with is someone to learn from. That's not so much a philosphy as motivation; to do something great with amazing people. So let's go!

What we do

From an intensive Masters in Design focused around brands and design strategy, through a wild ride of artworking, design, retouching and extra qualifications in advertising because, why the hell not, we do it all. Far from being the 'Jack of all trades, master of none', we focus on making great work, and if there's someone who can do something specifically better (I'm looking at you web coding) then we'll say so.

If you want the list, well there's branding, design, retouching, advertising, strategy, social marketing, all things print, environmental design, events and some basic video and 3D modelling thrown in for good measure. The proof is in the portfolio, you decide.

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